Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Always Tears

Dear Adrienne,

I don't know where they come from but there are always tears shed. It can be a thought, looking at something that brings up a memory, a song.....it doesn't take much and with your birthday coming up and Christmas being your favorite holiday.......after seven years there are times it is just like yesterday.

I read the prettiest book about The Promise of Heaven by Randy Alcorn. I have read several of his books. It sooths me to think of you there and how beautiful it is and how there is no more physical pain or the pain of being different.

The girls were here for 12 days and it was so cute. They always ask to go see you so we do. Then you were with us almost every where we went for the rest of the time. They would say Adrienne is sitting in the front with her mom, or over here on the step at the pool. You were their imaginary friend who went every where we went and did everything we did. I love it that they have you in their hearts and you are a part of their life. I had an "Aunt Adrienne" memory necklace made for each of them and they were so happy! They wore it every chance they could.

Here is the latest picture I have of them. I also had them a flip flop quilt made by my favorite quilt lady who puts the angel and lizard on each one. They were so happy to have their own custom flipper flopper quilt.

That is about for tonight.

Love and miss you as always,