Friday, February 26, 2010

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Adrienne is inurned at a columnbarium at an Episcopal church my parents were members of. Almost every time I would go visit her in the beginning and I would be in tears and sad (not that this has passed but it is much better) and one day a chameleon came out from the crack next to her niche, he ran across the top of the columnbarium and would come across other niches. This went on for several months and I think my family and friends thought I was nuts because of course they would never see the lizard. I just kept telling them that I thought God was doing this to put a smile on my face and to not be so sad. It was as if the lizard would pop out and say hello. My grandaughters had even seen it. One day I decided to take my camera since the lizard almost always came out when I was there and sure enough almost a year to the day she died here he did his thing as if he were posing for me. Long story short eventually others did see him but none of us have EVER seen him as in this picture. Then I would have one lizard on my patio at the apartments and in all the years I lived here there has NEVER been a lizard on the patio. I don't see them at the church or on my patio as often but it never fails that when I am having a real bad day one (always just one) will appear either at home or church and I always think it is from God to make me smile. The girls always ask me about Adrienne's lizard. So now you have the WHOLE story. I will get some help from someone to attach the picture and you'll see my little animal friend and also to attach a picture of Brent and the grandbabies and me!

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  1. I do believe God sends us signs to let us know everything is gonna be alright! Truly. Hold onto that memory. Hugs. T