Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brent's Birthday

Dear Adrienne,

Today is Brent's birthday. 32 years young. You would've been following along in 3 months and be 31. But you will eternally be 23 years old. I looked at baby pictures of you last night. When you weren't as healthy and happy.

I miss and love you more than I ever thought would be possible. I gave Brent a Willow Tree Brother and Sister for Father's day and a Father & Daughters MY GIRLS figurine. Now he is surrounded by ALL the girls in his life!

Morgan and Lexie will be here from 7/23 to 8/1. I am looking forward to it. They always talk about you and want to go visit you at your niche at St. Christopher's. I never bring it up. They always ask so that makes me feel good that you are in their hearts and thoughts.

If we only had you here with us....I should be happy you are with God in Heaven but I still miss you terribly and want you here. I guess I will never get over death. It is easier but still hurts so much. I send you my love!


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