Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miss you and love you Adrienne!

Dear Adrienne,

I have been cleaning your room some so that when the girls come it can be "their" little playroom/nursery for their dolls. I come across items that I am so glad to find because I feared they were gone. Tonight I found your little dress that you were brought home from when you were a newborn. Debbie Triscolli bought it for you. It is the cutest little long white dress with little pink rosebuds all over it. I remember it having a bonnet and booties but they are nowhere to be found. So I am thankful for the dress.

I miss you so much. It still doesn't take much for me to start crying. I guess that is never going to go away. Just writing to you now has me in tears. I can not believe we are coming up on seven years. It certainly doesn't seem that long; it is just like it happened yesterday.

Every time the girls are here for a visit they ask to go see you. We go visit at the columnbarium and they talk to you and always say a prayer. Almost everytime I talk to Lexie she ask how you are and asks about your lizard. I don't see a lizard very often but I think when I am really going through a bad time God always lets me see one. Sometimes in the strangest places and sometimes here on the patio. I don't see them at the church very often.

Your room is a mess. I have changed the decor (but I think you would REALLY like it) and I took your old bed set and curtains to the church thrift shop and they were thrilled to get the complete set. I have arranged things so that when I finally get the room cleaned I can go sit in your chair and have comfort time just sitting there. Your memory board that Aunt Audrey made is still hanging above your bed; all the pictures are still on; nothing has fallen off. So it is just a matter of me getting my rear in gear and cleaning the papers from the floor.

I guess I will sign off for now. I love you SO much and miss you terribly!



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  1. Dearest A,
    It's been a pleasure getting to know you through your mom. I feel in some ways I already know you a bit as you and my son have much in common. It's also been a pleasure to do what I can for your room. Your mom has taken great care to make it a place of comfort for you and all the memories to come.
    Rest well dear A, rest well.