Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Days

Dear Lulu,

I have been instructed to post a "Happy" post whether I want to or not from a bunny rabbit who lives in IN AND I am not allowed to mention your name.

So.....hear is my happy post........Brent and the girls are coming to visit Easter weekend which is also your seventh anniversary when God chose to make you one of his angels. You know we will come visit because the girls always want to visit their aunt. It will be fun having the girls here for Easter and Kaki Bunny will take care of them!!!!!!!!

I went back to Christ Care group last night. Of course everyone there Knew who you are. Imagine that! :o) It was great and nice to see everyone again. I learned something new about bibles. Some bibles include but most do not some additions at the end of the old testament some information that was found approximately 100 years after the original bible was written. So I am going to find and buy me a copy of one of those bibles or additions. I beleive they called it the Apocrypha.

So there is my "happy" posting.

Luv you XOXO,


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