Saturday, March 6, 2010


Dear Lulu,

Where is my head????????? In all these post I have NEVER mentioned Isabella.....unreal. Of course everyone close to us knows about her. Baby Bella as we called her forever..........born April 2, 2003 before sunset and you were taken before sunrise earlier that day. Isabella put a smile on my face that day; immediately I realized the belief of God sends one when He takes one apparently was true. But who knew He would do it among people that are so close to one another. Here is what I made to go with your 21 year old picture and Isabella's baby picture.......

God chose Adrienne Michelle Mullen to be one of his Angels on April 2nd, 2003. He also sent to my best friend and her family Isabella Nicole, who was due to arrive by cesarean on April 9th. Adrienne left us before sunrise and Isabella joined us before sunset. I thank God for giving us Isabella on that sad day and bringing joy into all of our lives and hearts. Isabella is my special “earth angel”. Isaiah 57:1-2

So two happy post in ONE day (after re-reading I realize post or less a day is good for me). There will be MORE happy ones!!!!!!!!!

Love, Mom

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  1. So funny how the circle of life continues & doesn't stop for anyone. I'm glad you have Isabella!! Hugs. Tammy