Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seven Years

Dear Adrienne,

Seven years at 2:20am tomorrow morning or 3:53am according to the hospital and off you went to be with God. It feels like yesterday. And tomorrow is Isabella's 7th birthday. What a day April 2 has turned out to 2005 Pope John Paul II came and joined you.

Brent and the girls are coming for the anniversary and Easter. They will be here tomorrow evening. I will go to St. Christopher's tomorrow and visit you. And of course the girls will want to come see you and bring you a flower!

I miss you more than I thought was possible. Especially seven years later. I keep thinking it will get easier but I don't think it does. It hurts just as much today as it did seven years ago. I don't think anyone understands the pain. Maybe if they have lost a child they may understand but not other people.

Happy Angel Day! We'll see if I wake up like I usually do around that time. I miss and love you so much Adrienne. One day we will be able to be together again!



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