Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update on Bella, Gigi and Parker

Dear Adrienne,

Look at Bella (Isabella), Gerry and of course we can't forget Parker. Isabella turned 7 on April 2. In the past 7 years she has become my beautiful fun earth angel for Lexie and Morgan to enjoy when they come spend their 7 to 10 days here each summer. They are both sweet children but Isabella will always have that special place in my heart since God sent her to us late in the afternoon at the same hospital where He had taken you during the early morning hours. God does wonderful things and this was one of them for me personally especially since she was not due until the following week by ceserean. God gave us all something to smile about during our time of pain. Thank you God! We all miss you Adrienne but are very greatful to God for the joy also given to us 7 years ago.

I love and miss you so much but one day will be with you again.


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